Weimar Higher Education Facilities Corporation

The Corporation is organized exclusively for the purposes of benefiting and accomplishing public purposes of, and to act on behalf of, the City pursuant to Section 53.35(b) of the Higher Education Authority Act (Chapter 53, Texas Education Code, as amended). The specific purposes for which the Corporation is organized and may issue bonds on behalf of the City are any purposes permited by the Act including, but not limited to, the financing or refinancing of "educational facilities" or "housing facilities" (as such terms are defined in the Act) and facilities which are incidental, subordinate, or related thereto or appropriate in connection therewith located in the State of Texas in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the Act, all to be done for or on behalf of the City.

Meeting Information

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PresidentBob McMahan
SecretaryMolly Raabe
MemberBruce Beal
MemberDavid Kocian
MemberLorri Forrest
MemberShelly Munsch
MemberStacey Heger

106 East Main Street
Weimar, TX 78962
(979) 725-8554
Fax (979) 725-8488