Cultural Education Facilities Finance Corporation

Bruce Beal
Ruby Nelson
Shannon Holland

The purposes of the Corporation are (i) to acquire, construct, provide, improve, finance and refinance cultural facilities to accomplish the public purposes stated in the Act, (ii) to act on behalf of the City and as it duly constituted authority and instrumentality to exercise the powers granted under the provisions of Chapter 53, Texas Education Code, to a higher education authority created under Section 53.11, Texas Education Code, (iii) to acquire, construct, provide, improve, finance, and refinance health facilities to assist the maintenance of the public health, and (iv) to issue and execute bonds, notes or other obligations to loan or otherwise provide funds to borrowers to enable such borrowers to acquire, construct, enlarge, extend, repair, renovate, or otherwise improve facilities in accordance with the Act, or for acquiring land to be used for those purposes, or to create operating and debt service reserves for and to pay issuance costs related to the bonds, notes or other obligations.

Meeting Information

As necessary

Weimar City Hall

All Agendas are posted 72 hours prior to the meeting on the bulletin board outside the main entrance door at City Hall. Notices which must be advertised are published in the Official City Paper.

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